Tips on Creating a Dynamic Profile

Features that create a dynamic profile in the search results include:

1. Contact Information: Completing the fields is important, especially the required fields. Take the time to list all the links to external sites (make sure the URL is correct), such as your website, Facebook page, Etsy, LinkedIn, etc.

2. Business Description: You are allowed up to 650 characters. Be concise and proof read! When writing your business description, consider which key words your customers might use to find you online. Compose your description in a format where you can count the characters and check your spelling before you upload it.

Tip: When on a word document, highlight your text, go to the REVIEW tab on the tool bar, Click Word Count (it will tell you the number of characters used).


3. Business Philosophy: Your business philosophy is different than your business description. It should reflect the principles that your business strives to work toward. It often includes a mission and / or vision statement. The business philosophy explains your over all goals and purpose.

4. Profile Image: 660 pixels wide by 644 pixels high. You are allowed up to 10 pictures. Do not use logos or headshots. Use a combination of the types of photos listed below:


  • Individual shots: A shot of your product (with a white background)
  • Lifestyle shots: Shots of your product being used
  • Scale shots: Helps viewers get a better idea of the size of the product
  • Detailed shots: A close up view to highlight specific product features
  • Group shots: Groups of products showcased together
  • Packaging shots: An image of the product’s packaging


  • Individual Shots: A shot of you in the space you offer your service (you working). Give thought to what is in the room so that the background is not a distraction.
  • In action shots: Shots of you helping your client(s)

5. Video: Create your video and post it to YouTube. Then click “Share” on the youtube video. Copy the url for the video. (Example: You will paste that link into the video field on this form. Videos should be informational, educational, sincere and fun. Focus on one aspect, such as how you make something or if you are a service, helpful tips. Give thought to the backdrop of your video; make sure it is not a distraction. Additional tips: speak clearly, don’t make it too long and have someone else watch it to get feedback before you post it.

6. Awards and Affiliations: Toot Your Own Horn! Before you sit down to complete this section online, take the time to gather all the information about your accomplishments. It is easy to forget some!

7. Reviews: Getting reviews / testimonials is important. It gives you an opportunity to engage with your customer, address any negative experiences and show appreciation to those who would refer you to others. The more positive reviews the better. Don’t be afraid to ask those you do business with to write something for you.

8. Training / Certifications / Credentials: If you are a business that requires state licensing, include your credentials. If you have specialized training or certifications, please list them here.

9. Education (optional): If you feel sharing your education is important, please include it.

10. Where You Can Find Me: List all the locations (on and off line) where you sell your products and / or where someone can see more information about your product or service.

11. More: Here is an opportunity to expand on your business description or business philosophy.